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The MSW 40 VAN is a robust designer wheel, engineered to handle heavy loads – up to 1,350 Kg per wheel – and to be installed on many of the existing campers and travel trailers.

This feature makes the MSW 40 VAN the ideal choice for campers that are based on Ducato, Opel Vivaro, Renault Trafic, Ford Transit and many others. 

The MSW 40 VAN is designed to accept original Volkswagen and Ford hubcaps.  

In order to satisfy different needs, like seasonal use, MSW 40 VAN comes in Gloss Black Full Polished, especially suited to summer use, Gloss Black and Gloss Dark Grey.

360 view

Gloss Black Full Polished

360 view

Gloss Black

Gloss Dark Grey

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  • Gloss Black Full PolishedGloss Black Full Polished
  • Gloss BlackGloss Black
  • Gloss Dark GreyGloss Dark Grey

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Product Details

Model Monoblock
Design Multispokes
Oe cap ready for Volkswagen, Ford
Offset range 44 - 65
Width range 6,5
Holes 5
Profiles Flat
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PricePrice from euro
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