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MSW 44

With its dynamic, elegant design, the MSW 44 is ideal for mid- to large-sized vehicles, like Porsche and other makes, which demand wheels that scream style and are fiercely aggressive. 

The list of MSW 44 applications includes models from many car manufacturers – it will accommodate the original hubcaps of Porsche, Volvo, BMW, Alfa Romeo and Maserati.  

Featuring 5 dynamic Y-shaped double spokes, MSW 44 boasts a wealth of construction details – like the finely crafted diamond-cut milling on the spokes (in the Full Polished version) and on the lip (in the Lip Polished version).  

MSW 44 comes in 20-inch diameter, making it an easy fit for even the most massive SUVs and crossovers.

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Gloss Black Full Polished

360 view

Gloss Black Polished Lip

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  • Gloss Black Full PolishedGloss Black Full Polished
  • Gloss Black Polished LipGloss Black Polished Lip

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Product Details

Model Monoblock
Design Mesh
Oe cap ready for Porsche, Volvo, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Maserati
Offset range 19 - 64
Width range 8,5 - 10,5
Holes 5
Profiles Flat + Concave
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