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Launched in 2021, MSW 27T wheels are specially earmarked for electric and hybrid vehicles, designed as the ideal complement to the style and energy of this booming auto segment.

Originally catering to the world of Tesla and specifically, the Tesla Model 3, MSW 27T now gains an application dedicated to the ultra-new Tesla Model Y, designed by Tesla for crossover fans and sure to reap success in Europe as well.

The 5-spoke design of the MSW 27T delivers a total look and feel with the Tesla liveries, thanks to its eye-catching style and broad range of finishes suited to all seasons ‒ from the most elegant diamond-cut to the more classic painted versions.

The 19” MSW 27T is engineered to easily accommodate the original Tesla Model Y hubcap and is immediately available in Full Silver, Gloss Dark Grey, Gloss Black and Gloss Black Full Polished finishes.

MSW 27T is currently one of few existing ECE, TÜV and NAD homologated aftermarket options for the Tesla Model Y.

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Gloss Black Full Polished

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Full Silver

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Gloss Black

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Gloss Dark Grey

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  • Full SilverFull Silver
  • Gloss BlackGloss Black
  • Gloss Black Full PolishedGloss Black Full Polished
  • Gloss Dark GreyGloss Dark Grey

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Product Details

Model Monoblock
Design 5 double spokes - inspired OE Tesla design
Oe cap ready for OE Tesla cap ready
Offset range 40 -
Width range 8,5 -
Holes 5
Special applications Tesla
Profiles Flat
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PricePrice from euro
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